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Friday, August 19, 2005

درس في التشويه (اموت على التشويه ) الدرس اجنبي


First you should get a backround image i used this one: Feel free to use these images


Then get a face you want to use i used one of
myself :

Now you need one more image to make the
"cracked" effect i used this one:

Ok the first thing you want to do is open your backround image up and make a few
copies of it, what i did was erease some form the top two copies (i made a total
of 2 copies leaving a total of 3 layer with the same image) I formed this out of

Then Take your face image and make a new layer of it over your backround layer.
Then erease all of the image exept the so:

Then take your white brush and color over the eyes of your face like so:

Then take your cracked image and make it a lyer
over the face layer and erease most of it exept what over the face.

Then set the layer to "linear Burn" as shown


My final image came out like this:


posted by ashkal at 4:46 PM
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Blogger salma commented at 6:08 AM~  

يا ليت تعمل دروس أقل عدائية

Blogger ashkal commented at 9:53 PM~  

العداء هو اساس هذه الحياة :)
وفن التشويه من اجمل الفنون في الفوتوشوب ولا يتقنه إلا اهله :)
دمت بود

Blogger Meeshosaur commented at 8:04 AM~  

(اموت على التشويه )
الله يقط ابليسك .. ههههه .. لعلمك يا سالمة هذه ميزة كل الفوتوشوبيين ..

Blogger ashkal commented at 2:27 PM~  

جد والله التشويه فن مستقل لحاله وربي فيه خيال وقوه موب في اي فن
بعدين تخلي المصمم يعبر عن الاجرام الي فيه بطريقه جميله :+

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